Breanna Leslie

Kindle Vellas

Bite-sized episodes of horror that pack a punch

Above Snakes

Above snakes: “still alive” in the old West. If one was alive, they were above ground and the snakes.] When Lorena set out for California, she only wanted to avoid a pressured engagement. But when she and her brother happen upon a stranger that speaks of disappearances, mutilated horses, and evil haunting a nearby mine, they’re led on a hunt for answers that changes their lives. Now, Lorena and her brother, will do just about anything to stay above snakes. They just don’t know it yet.

Serial Fiction

Bea Truman was an ordinary housewife. Plucked from a rural town on the outskirts of D.C., her family was thrilled she’d be living in suburbia instead of a farm somewhere slaughtering chickens. Bea was happy too, until the realities of domestic life hit her harder than a quaalude. To cope, she turned to marijuana, ignoring claims of reefer madness. The only problem? Her husband worked for the Federal Bureau of Narcotics. Her solution? A book club for stoner moms. When that doesn’t work? Murder.


Four brothers set out to build a lumber company in one of the most rural regions of Appalachia. Despite missing workers and gruesome discoveries, they continue, ultimately building a booming lumber town and successful business. Sure, monsters may lurk in the forest, but it’s fine, as long as no one strays too far from camp on their own. But when a new laborer doesn’t honor age-old superstitions and lore, he angers the dark forest presence, and the entire town has hell to pay.

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