Breanna Leslie

About the Author

Breanna is an author and stay-at-home mom to three children. She’s also an elder millennial that ditched her college degrees to pursue her passion for writing.

She and her family live on a farm in the hills of West Virginia, a place which has inspired much of her work.

Breanna’s writing generally favors the dark, unknown, and tragic aspects of life, though her genres tend to blur the lines of horror and suspense.


Leslie has a deft hand

“Leslie creates such a rich world in so few words. The story is immersive, creative, and chilling. The characters are real and respond appropriately which adds the fine strokes to this story. By using such a rich culture and staying true to it, the reader is submerged in the world she is painting with her words. This story will draw you into the forest, beware, you will be left insatiable for more of Leslie’s words.”

One of the best stories here

“Serial Fiction perfectly combines wit and gore, and sprinkles in horror and humanity, to create an addicting story. Each episode will surprise and delight and keep you begging for more. Bea is the hostess with the mostest, just don’t cross her! I typically wait until I’ve finished a story to review, but this one was so good I couldn’t wait.”

Unsettling (in the best possible way!).

“I’m just gonna come out and say it – I don’t think Breanna Leslie could write a bad story if she tried. This story reels you in and stays with you long after you have finished a reading session. It’s chilling, ominous and suspenseful. Not only is it unsettling (in a good way I promise, I’m a horror junkie and we love being unsettled right?!) but she really captures the year she is writing. A lot of authors don’t have such a visceral world as her and it causes disconnect. She is truly a wordsmith, wordcrafter, word goddess (insert more words followed by a compliment here!) I could just go on but that would mean you would be reading this longer instead of reading STIX. So off with you! Thank you Breanna Leslie for sharing your talent with us.”

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