Breanna Leslie

Kindle Vellas

Above snakes: “still alive” in the old West. If one was alive, they were above ground and the snakes.] When Lorena set out for California, she only wanted to avoid a pressured engagement. But when she and her brother happen upon a stranger that speaks of disappearances, mutilated horses, and evil haunting a nearby mine, they’re led on a hunt for answers that changes their lives. Now, Lorena and her brother, will do just about anything to stay above snakes. They just don’t know it yet.
Ah, Sleepy Creek, your backwoods trailer park, nestled between a mountain and a muddy stream. Bridget has lived here her entire life, two doors down from her bff, Randy. Most days, they’re content to watch the drama: the drug deals, cheating spouses, blue-haired ladies feeding the strays. Recently, their neighbor, Mrs. Copley, was wheeled out of her home, stiff as a board. But when they try to communicate with her unsettled spirit, they get someone else on the phone, and there’s no caller ID.
Bea Truman was an ordinary housewife. Plucked from a rural town on the outskirts of D.C., her family was thrilled she’d be living in suburbia instead of a farm somewhere slaughtering chickens. Bea was happy too, until the realities of domestic life hit her harder than a quaalude. To cope, she turned to marijuana, ignoring claims of reefer madness. The only problem? Her husband worked for the Federal Bureau of Narcotics. Her solution? A book club for stoner moms. When that doesn’t work? Murder.
Jules just started her job at the nursing home. It’s a great gig with decent benefits and a convenient schedule that lets her take classes at the community college. There is just one issue; the building used to be an asylum and rumors of terrifying encounters have been local lore for decades. But nothing can prepare her for the hell she stumbles upon during her first night shift. These are her accounts in real time as she ventures deeper into what her favorite Reddit board calls the backrooms.